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Online Meetings - Usage Subscription Pricing
























Online meetings are pay-per-minute, per participant. There is no limit to the number of concurrent meetings, participants, or the number of assessment staff you allow to host a meeting.  However for your organisation you can set an overall limit as to the number of participants for any meetings.

* For all subscriptions unused credit can be carried forward into the next month.
* All prices are exclusive of VAT.
* Subscription fees are based on direct debit payments.

* Monthly, annual or pay-as-you-go subscription


Monthly subscription (minimum 6-month period):
Video, Voice, Screen Sharing minutes per month.
Unused minutes roll-over for one month.


17.5 hours of 1-to-1 meetings :  £12.95 per month           (£0.0062 per minute per person)
35 hours of 1-to-1 meetings :     £24.64 per month          (£0.0059 per minute per person)
70 hours of 1-to-1 meetings :     £46.75 per month          (£0.0056 per minute per person)
105 hours of 1-to-1 meetings :   £68.25 per month          (£0.0054 per minute per person)

(the above hours are based on one-to-one meetings. See below for multi-party meetings).


For example:
A single 10-minute meeting between an assessor and candidate costs 13 pence.
A single 30 minute meeting between an assessor and candidate costs 37 pence.


Annual Subscription:
5% discount applies to above fees for paid-annually subscriptions


Pay-as-you-go & Top-ups
You will be able to pay-as-you go, or top-up your credit at any point.
Unused credit/minutes do not roll-over into the following month.


1,000 minutes (8.3 hrs of 1-to-1) – £8.95
2,100 minutes (16.7 hrs of 1-to-1) – £14.95
4,200 minutes (35 hrs of 1-to-1) – £26.65


2.5p per minute of recording.


Pricing for recording is dependent upon the duration of the recorded content, not on the number of participants. The fees for recorded minutes are purchased separately and do not expire until the end of your contract, or until used.

Multi-Person Meetings:

Based on the number of live, real-time streams being sent and broadcast at the same time from each participant, multi-person meeting costs are calculated as follows:

Number of minutes charged = number of people x (number of people -1) x the duration of the session.

For example:

A single 15 minute session with 3 participants equals 90 minutes total, cost = £00.56
A single 15 minute session with 10 participants equals 1350 minutes total, cost = £8.37
A single 1 hour session with 10 participants equals 5400 minutes total, cost = £33.48


With an online meeting you would save £90.00 in mileage costs for a 10 person, on-site meeting, with everyone travelling 10 miles.  And you would save nearly 7 employee-hours, assuming 30mph average travel speed.


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